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what is movement tallinn?


We are a movement-loving group in Tallinn where different movements and playfulness are united. Our training takes place at workday evenings and in two mornings. There are also camps for adults near Tallinn. Our participants are open-minded and interested in finding the possibilities and boundaries of their bodies. They won't accept group workouts in a regular gym or fitness club, they want to be the masters of their bodies and move as naturally and freely as possible. We believe that they are more intelligent than average because of genuinely interested in their bodies and their capabilities. 

People like new things, new trends are constantly coming to the market, which for a while are a "new hot trend" but will soon be replaced by "new hot". Movement may sound modern, but in reality, it is a rediscovery of good old gymnastics. It is a mix of gymnastics, modern dance, yoga, coordination drills from ball games and martial arts, and much more. The main goal is to improve mobility and quality of life through playful and sometimes improvisational movement. As today's fast-paced lives and different conveniences put our bodies in various forced positions, we also place great emphasis on relaxation and release techniques. A tense and closed body restricts our physical attainment and also makes us mentally more fatigued, the same problem appears when the body is too relaxed.

In training, we're trying to find balance and control. The body looks free, your posture is beautiful and ready for the maximum effort at any time, for example, to sprint for a bus, to maintain balance when slipping, or to jump over the fence when necessary. Also, we continually introduce and discover different movement patterns such as handstand, muscle up, rolling on the mat and much more. The skills and knowledge to use the body are the main things we teach people because a multifunctional body that is well-developed and well-coordinated looks good anyway.​

You can also buy tickets from Stebby! If you do that, please send us email, otherwise we don't know who bought the ticket and we can't activate it.  

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"Asko is one of the greatest coaches I know. It's never boring in his classes and after every session I can feel, that my body is changing and getting better (for example next day I can feel aching muscles, which I didn't know they exist). Coordination, strength, balance and mobility improves notably.  Exercises are adapted  for your level and there are always different variations you can choose."


"This workout changes your reaction speed, coordination, balance etc. Totally different workout compared to other gyms and clubs."


"What I like most about the movement is the playfulness and the fact that every workout has a lot of different movement exercises. In training you can take yourself out, especially after a tiring day at work. Movement makes mood cheerful and body strong”


"Movement has offered multiple different exercises to add some spice to my daily athletics training sessions. If some exercises in my own event are making me yawn, then movement offers some challenges for my body every single time. In Movement body, there is a healthy mind.”


"Sport has never been for me. I have always been moving at my own pace. About a year ago, I had my very first movement training. At the end of it, I had the same thoughts as now- I want to do it more and in the same fun way.
It is not always easy, it is rather hard, but always possible and doable! Movement isn't just a physical workout that we are trying to offer to our bodies. It is a training where you "need to be there" with your thoughts and for everybody else. With fun, the right mindset and the best company- everything is possible.​“


​"Movement has been really relieving for me, physically I have fewer limits and more skills, and I have learned to play again and learned to enjoy that. Movement's people are like weird stepfamily if you wish, or just exposed training buddies, if it works better for you.”​





group trainings

We focus on coordination, mobility, balance strength, endurance, flexibility and playfulness.  

personal trainings

Personal coach will give you the right direction and supports your individual goals.


It's possible to have a fun and active birthday for your children or for yourself. Pretty often we organise weddings, birthdays and company events - so you can trust us, we know what we are doing :)



group trainings

1x 5€

personal trainings

1x personal training 40€

up to 4 people

10x personal training 300€

valid 5 months


Usually our birthdays last up to 3h and our prices start from 100€

room rent

The price depends on what is the purpose and time length.

Maybe it's a photoshoot or you would like to give your own classes? Everything is possible!

NB! In the gym you can only pay in cash!

You can also buy tickets from Sport-ID! If you do that, please send us email, otherwise we don't know who bought the ticket and we can't activate it.  


20€   /   35€   /   60€




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Asko Külmsaar

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Asko is the creator and spiritual father of Movement Tallinn. He grew up in the little coastal village Viinistu. He has been in the middle of moving and sports throughout his entire life- have tried many different events and now has put together his dream training in Movement Tallinn.

"I like everything that is playful and versatile. I believe in movement through cognition, work in pairs, dance, coordination, and touch. I believe that there are a lot of good people in the world and in Movement there are only good people.”


Helina Karvak

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Helina is soon graduating Viljandi Culture Academy in dancing. Besides that she has participated in different workshops worldwide. Last two years she has been a Fighting Monkey student, which has given her enormous movement base. There are lot of playfulness and dancing in her workouts. You will start to see the limits of your body and you're going to push them in every class. You don't have to be a dancer to join with Helinas classes ;)

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Jelena Tšaikovskaja

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Jelena was a swimmer for 13 years, also as a top athlete. For a couple of years, she has also worked on CrossFit and fitness and has run half-marathons. Jelena studied Swedish philology and at the moment she is studying Physical Education. She is a big fan of surfing and a couple of times in a year enjoys big ocean waves.

"I like the versatility and functionality of the movement. You can get strong and mobile at the same time! I also like the social aspect- work in pairs, good atmosphere and the after training chat. All the workouts I have tried- I can't find a better one than the one at Movement Tallinn!”


Kristella Jurkatamm

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Kristella is an Estonian Champion in the heptathlon and Estonian record holder in decathlon. Has been in the middle of the sport throughout her entire life. When it is possible to move, play or compete- Kristella is the first one in place.
Kristella fell in love with movement at first sight because of its playfulness and thousands of opportunities. 

"I haven't seen anywhere except in Movement Tallinn so beautiful and good people, pure emotions, sincere caring, kind hearts and unconditional love. You can always laugh and enjoy being in the present. Even when you had the worst day ever. Love it so much!”


How to find us?

We are located in Tatari 64 II floor

Entrance is from the Pärnu maantee side. You will see a security guard. Keep left from him (even though it doesn't seem right). You will go through a metal door and after that there is a corridor where you can choose between elevator or stairs (behind a white door, which seems to be locked, but it's not). After you made it to the second floor just walk to the end of the corridor and on the left the last room is us :)

It might sound complicated but once you've found us, you will never forget the way :)

Call us if you want to share your happy moments or worries with us.

+372 5120824 Merill

+372 56628557 Asko 

+372 59029051 Kristella

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NB! At the moment we have classes 2x per week next to A Le Coq arena. More information from FB or IG!